Gibson Puzzles was founded in 1919, we have been entertaining generations for almost a century and are proud to have such a rich, British heritage. We are as devoted as we were on day one to providing fun family pastimes for all ages.

What makes our jigsaw puzzles different from other brands is the high quality of the materials we use.

100% recycled materials

Our jigsaws are manufactured from blue-backed puzzle board that is made from 100% recycled materials and cut thickly to ensure each piece slots satisfyingly into place.

We commission a wide range of talented artists to paint our jigsaw puzzle images, all of whom have distinct styles and themes to ensure there’s something for everyone in our varied puzzle collection. Our dedicated following of jigsaw enthusiasts grows every year and even includes Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II!

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1980s Sweet Memories Gift Tin Robert Opie


A Morning Stroll 636 Jigsaw Puzzle Steve Crisp


Bark Lane 636 Jigsaw Puzzle Linda Jane Smith


Cat’s Cookie Club 500pc Jigsaw Puzzle Linda Jane Smith


Christmas Street Countdown Calendar


Crossing the Ribble Gift Puzzle Stephen Warnes


Daddy’s Little Helper 500 piece jigsaw Derek Roberts


Five Go Parenting Enid Blyton


Five Lose Dad in the Garden Centre Enid Blyton


Gibsons 1970s Sweet Memories Tin Robert Opie


Gibsons A Winter Stroll (1000 Piece) Steve Crisp


Gibsons Santa Scramble Bauble (250pc) Armand Foster