There is something magical about owning and using a puppet or toy from The Puppet Company Ltd®. Our products capture the essence of what makes a really fine toy as they allow the user to be creative, to entertain and more than anything else – to have fun!

The Puppet Company Ltd® produces puppets of all shapes and sizes, including finger puppets, glove puppets and full-body puppets. We have built our reputation on our ability to translate almost any animal or character into a beautifully made and well-functioning puppet at a very competitive price.

All our products are developed by our own Design Team at our Head Office in Hitchin, North Hertfordshire, UK. Our puppets are manufactured in the Far East by factories which are regularly visited by ourselves and our representatives to ensure that production is of the best quality and that the workers’ conditions are of the highest standards.

We also produce Soft Toys and Rag Dolls under the ‘Wilberry’ Brand name.

We have recently introduced a Wooden Toy selection including Floor and Table Top Theatres and a large Castle. This is a logical extension to our product range and gives our puppets and toys a place to play and perform.

“Fingers of Fun”, “Puppet Buddies”, “Wigglers”, “Wilberry”, “Sockettes” and “CarPets” are all registered trademarks of The Puppet Company Ltd®

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Basic Birds: Blue Birds


Car Pets Glove Puppets: Panda


CarPets Glove Puppets: Fox


CarPets Glove Puppets: Lion


Dressed Animal Puppets: Frog


Dressed Animal Puppets: Mrs Rabbit


European Wildlife: Hedgehog


European Wildlife: Squirrel (Red)


Finger Puppets: Bear


Full-Bodied Animal Puppets – Rabbit (Lop-Eared)


Long-Sleeved Glove Puppets: Duck


Long-Sleeved Glove Puppets: Penguin